Automatic Transmission

An automatic transmission car is a type of motor vehicle transmission that is commonly available which can automatically change gear ratios as you accelerate. This greatly reduces the amount of action the driver has to perform in order to accelerate. Majority of the automatic transmission gear boxes have a specific set of gear ranges. The learning curve for an automatic transmission vehicle is significantly lower than a manual transmission because the driver only has to concentrate on acceleration and braking. This is because the changing of gears is already handled by the automatic gearbox. This is the greatest benefit that an automatic transmission gearbox carries. In Singapore, the majority of cars use automatic transmission which makes learning automatic transmission cars more popular.

However, one needs to take note that learning an automatic transmission vehicle will only enable you to drive automatic transmission cars. Manual transmission cars require more skill and multitasking. Therefore those trained to drive a manual transmission will have more options because they will be able to swap back and forth between manual and automatic.

If you feel that you will not be using a manual transmission vehicle in the future. Learning an automatic transmission vehicle is the only solution because of reduced lessons that you will have to take.

You will notice that driving an automatic car requires you to have lesser coordination because you won’t have to deal with the clutch as well as the gearbox which can take several lessons to master. In addition, reversing will also be hassle free with just the switch of the reverse gear. Controlling the car’s speed will be a breeze because you just have to worry about the brakes and accelerator.

With that said, if you intend to drive a good’s vehicle or even go overseas, it will be more suitable to learn a manual transmission car. Most goods vehicles have manual transmission and it will be apparent that a good skill set of using manual transmission is necessary.

If you would like to learn good vehicle, do note that only Singapore Safety Driving Centre at woodlands offer these courses and you will need to have at least a class 3 license in order to take such lessons.

Manual Transmission

Manual driving is the use of a manual gearbox which normally involves a gear stick as well as a clutch. This is operated by your left foot in order to change gears in a vehicle while your right foot is controlling the break and gas pedals.

One of the biggest setbacks that can be seen from learning manual driving is the learning curve. There is a large learning curve as when compared with automatic transmission vehicles because the process of changing gears and operating the clutch takes skill. The transition from one gear to the next has to be smooth and becoming experienced in doing so requires a lot of practice. Developing a feel for engaging the clutch as well as changing gears is needed in order to drive smoothly. This is why most inexperienced drivers will experience stalling and jerking or jumping of the car. This can be especially dangerous on a small road or highway.

Although manual transmission might be more difficult to learn, it is still vastly sought after due to the benefits that it carries.


Fuel costs

Manual transmission cars lack the bloodsucking fuel consumption that an automatic transmission car has. This is because of the automatic transmission hydraulic pump which causes the car to move despite no acceleration applied on the vehicle. Manual transmission cars also do not require active cooling because they are simpler than automatic transmission cars and weigh less than their counterparts.


Long Lasting and Costs

Because manual transmission cars have generally less moving parts than automatic transmission, they require lesser maintenance and costs much less to maintain. Another huge difference is that can also be observed is that manual transmission cars generally cost much less than automatic transmission cars. You can stand to save approximately $4000-$5000 for opting for a manual transmission car.


Control and Performance

Manual transmission generally has a higher selection of gear ratio which makes it more suitable especially if you want to have more control over the vehicle. The driver can choose to fully exploit the engine power at high or low speeds. Because the driver has more direct control over the car’s RPM as well as gear transmission, the driver can control the amount of torque that goes to the wheels and maneuverer accordingly.


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Driving Schools In Singapore

private driving instructor singapore

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