What is this $79 registration fee? Is it refundable?

The $79 registration fee is a compulsory fee to prevent you from switching instructors at a whim. The registration fee when going through the instructors themselves is from $110-$150 while school registration fees are above $150. Therefore in a sense, the cheapest option is through us!

How do i register with you guys?

Fill up the registration form : https://privatedrivinginstructors.com/contact-us/

    • Once we received the $79 registration fee which you will be prompted to make payment  in the registration page , you will be allocated a instructor via SMS with the number you provided.

Can i make payment via Credit Cards ?

Yes we use the online merchant Paypal to collect payments which accepts VISA // Masters // American Express // Discover

Do you accept cash payment?  

Cash payments will not be accepted for registration fees, however for your lessons thereafter with your instructor all payments will be made to him via cash.

How am i sure the instructors which are allocated are GOOD INSTRUCTORS?

Since good is subjective to different people , we will define what is meant by good to us.

  • Instructors that do not pass you to another instructor when they already schedule you.
  • Instructors that do not charge you additional hidden charges. (I.E Carpark fee)
  • Instructors that do not waste your time regularly , such as having extremely long breaks when teaching.

Do you have English speaking instructors? 

Yes , we do . To be specific, we have the following languages for auto/manual.

BBDC   Auto (Chinese / English) Manual (English / Chinese/Malay)

SSDC   Auto (English / Chinese) Manual (English / Chinese / Malay)

CDC     Auto (English / Chinese),Manual (English/Chinese)

What is the hourly rate ?

It will be from $30-$40 for non-peak and $32-$45 for peak hours. Subjected to the instructor allocated. For auto instructors it would require a higher investment per hour. Do take note this prices is for first-time learners only. For refreshers (clients with Class 3/3A licenses) , we have packages at $200 per 3 hour block.

What’s the compulsory lessons for Manual // Auto to go for the test?

There is no minimum compulsory lessons , i would recommend you to be consistent , based on what i have analyzed most students fail is because they have alot of intervals between each lessons especially when it’s closer to their test date. An average of 20 lessons would be sufficient assuming you are consistent.

What is the minimum age to start learning how to drive?
Under the Road Traffic Act, you have to be at least 18 years old (based on date of birth) before you can drive a motorcar.

What is the duration of 1 lesson?

Lessons range from 1 – 2 hours. This is dependent on the arrangement with your instructors.

How soon can i get my instructor?

As soon as we received the compulsory registration fee of $79,you will be allocated a instructor within 2 working days.

Do i need a PDL before i learn driving?


If i applied my PDL for Manual can i learn Auto?


Is there pick up available?

No, it is the industry norm for the instructors to only do pick up near the driving schools as it is the most convenient for them. Pick up and send backs are inconvenient because the instructors will have to delay the next lesson or cut short your lesson so they can get back to the next student.

The driving schools are full and i want to change to a private driving instructor. How do i do that?

You will have to go to the respective driving school to help facilitate that. They will be able to do a change for you. However, do take note that you will have to sign up and pay the registration fee with us again.

After-Sales Questions: 

When will i get my instructor:

Due to the large amount of sign-ups, we will usually provide you an instructor within 2 working days.

How do i arrange a lesson with my instructor after i receive the sms?

All you need to do is just, call up the instructor tell him you want to learn driving and he will arrange with you the first lesson.

How come my instructor don’t reply my SMS’s or calls ?

Most of our instructors are driving during the day , thus they do have hands-free bluetooth , it would be affecting their safety as well as their student if they reply your sms. Just like how you won’t want your lesson to be disturbed because of someone calling your instructor, we hope you will be understanding and maybe call a few times.

What is this deposit for ?

The one lesson deposit is a refundable deposit which can be claimed on the last lessons, this is a security deposit which prevents students from not appearing for lessons last minutes as well as last minute cancellation of lessons. It will be refunded on the test day via cash , bank transfer or used to offset the last lesson.

Can i change from Auto Transmission to Manual Transmission? 

Once you have signed up, no change is allowed. Another registration would be required.

Must i pay again for the enrollment fee, when requested by the instructor?

No , you do not have to pay again. The benefits on signing up with us is that the $79 is the enrolment fee. However a refundable deposit is required. (Refer to above point)

I have decided to stop learning because my schedules won’t allow it, my instructor is not refunding me the deposit, how?

The purpose of the deposit is for instances to protect our instructor when you cannot make it last minute, it will only be off-set on the test day of your lessons either that transferred to you. Strictly no refunds will be given if you are unable to complete the course of your driving.

Can i switch my instructor if my instructor is not free for the month for personal reasons.?

No. This is the difference between private driving instructors and the schools. We are not responsible for the instructor’s schedule and we are unable to adjust it. We are also unable to switch instructors for you because it would be unfair for both the new and old instructors. This is why we only give you the most suitable instructor

I have not used my instructor for about 4 months. Can I still continue? And can i change an instructor?

Yes, you can continue with your existing instructor. This provided that he/she can still remember you and has still available slots for you. Do remember that there is always a never ending pool of students which the instructor has to teach and by your absence the instructor might feel you are not interested and strike you off his list.

You can change an instructor but you will have to do a registration again. This is why we recommend students to get their license as soon as possible to avoid all this complications.

My Instructor is very stern and scolds me, I feel that he is very unprofessional when he does that and I want to change my instructor.

Do note that the instructors allocated to you are really one of the pioneers in teaching driving and they know exactly what the traffic police will be penalizing on. Almost everyone i know has been scolded one way or another by an instructor. However, if you insist on having a change, we can provide you with a change provided if we have another instructor available. If you aren’t able to handle some tough love by the instructors, then maybe  paying 90 dollars for enrollment, practical lessons costing 77.04 dollars for 100 min and rigid lessons where you have to drive satisfactory for the lesson before you can continue is the best for you (driving schools).

When can i request a refund?

-Instructor overcharges you above $30-$45/hour (first time learners) on a normal day (non public holiday)

-Instructor insists on charging you enrollment fee, as we would like to ensure you do not pay more that what is required we would gladly offer you a refund.

Final note:

All our instructors are for you and not against you, yes they might be strict but you will be thankful for that once you pass your license.

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