Refresher lessons are unique because they cater mostly to individuals who have not been driving for a long time or if they need to retake their class 3 license for whatever reason it was revoked. Foreigners or permanent residents who would like to drive in Singapore are also highly encouraged to take a few lessons in order to get a feel of difference from their home countries. Singapore’s traffic is unique due to our geological constrain our roads can be quite congested especially during peak hours, our roads are left hand drive and we do not have freeways but rather, highways that are limited to 90km/h. Our traffic law is also very strict which encourages drivers to comply with the laws. For example, in order to get your license revoked, you only need to get more than 20 demerit points within 2 years. Running a red light will slap you with a hefty fine as well as 12 demerit points.

How Long Are the Lessons and the Requirements

The lessons usually span between 1.5 hours to 2 hours and the instructor will first have an interview with your current driving experience. If you feel gusty and have the confidence as well as a legit Singapore class 3/class 3A license, you can also have the option to go onto the highway to practice driving at high speeds. Alternatively if you have trouble parking you can also opt for parking practice for either parallel parking or reverse parking. If you do not have a valid class 3A or class 3 license, you will need to get a minimum pass of basic theory test(BTT) as well as a valid Provisional Driving License(PDL). 

Do note that pick up services are not available and these remedial classes costs more than the normal driving lessons. We do not mark up the cost in anyway whatsoever. Normal driving lessons are usually subsidized already whereas refresher lessons are not. In addition, the instructor will definitely need you to take at least 3-5 lessons so that you can be fully familiar with the driving conditions in Singapore as well to make it worthwhile for the instructor to teach you. Sign up now for a quick and no hassle registration which will only take 2 minutes.

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