BBDC SSDC CDC Passing Rates 2014

Results from April 2013 to March 2014

Class 3 First Time Takers:

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Class 3A First Time Takers:

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 Get a Private Driving Instructors in Singapore Now.

Benefits of learning through a Private Driving Instructor in Singapore

Benefits of learning through a Private Driving Instructor in Singapore

Many of us who are learning to drive now are either schooling or have finally found the time to learn driving(e.g job requirements or due to family duties).Either way you definitely will be paying the fees yourself. There are two different ways you can learn driving.Either through a private driving instructor or by a driving school. The benefits of learning through a private driving instructor would be that it is cheaper than school and also you would stick be able to stick to one instructor unlike a driving school where you get a different instructor every lesson.

Why are Private Driving Instructors cheaper?

  • Schoosl such as CDC , BBDC , SSDC has to maintain monthly
  • Rent (Building & Circuit)
  • Manpower (Hiring staff for customer service and instructors)
  • Transactional Cost (Nets and Credit cards take a % of the amount)
  • Large Amount of car fleet (A Lot of their cars are not utilised fully)
  • Maintenance cost (Maintaining their servers online as well as POS systems are costly)

Private driving instructors do not have the above to maintain ,these are just some of their cost thus they would need to charge at a higher amount.

What are the prices i will be paying if i went to school?

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Do i need to clock a minimum amount of lessons to get my license?

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Thus you can see it you compare value to the dollar wise, it would be much cheaper to go through a private driving instructor in singapore then to go through school. Also you are not limited by your knowledge and skills unlike in school where they require you to clock a certain number of lessons. My friend once told me “If you win in a rat race , you are still a rat”.