Singapore Safety Driving School is also known as SSDC. It is the only driving school to make use of a multistorey carpark to hold their lessons. This means that within the complex you won’t have to fight with the elements such as rain if the weather is not good. This is perfect for Motorcycle learners and also for new learners especially if they have not trained their eyes to drive in the rain. However, do note that SSDC is located within industrial estates which can be inconvenient to get to without private transport. This is the reason why our instructors offer you the option for other pick up points. Pick up points vary for this location, there are the following pick up points which will be confirmed upon confirmation of sign up.

  • Aljunied MRT
  • Sembawang MRT
  • Admiralty MRT

You can take the following buses to SSDC for signing up or for lessons if you feel it is convenient. Do note that you should always seek your private instructor’s advise for the pickup point.

  • 856


If you feel like this location is the most convenient for yourself, why not sign up now here