5 Reasons why Manual Transmission is better

Manual Transmission cars are getting rarer and rarer in Singapore as the vast benefits and prices of automatic transmission cars become cheaper. With that said, learning manual cars is still one of the staples of learning how to drive in Singapore. If you are not convinced, maybe at the end of this article you’ll start to see why. You can also read here to find out how to better make your decision

Manual Transmission Cars are Cheaper

It might not seem so but did you know that an automatic transmission variant of the same model can cost up to $10,000 more than it’s manual brother? Just take a look at any showroom or even used cars and you’ll realise that the cost difference is pretty large. Almost worth 1 year of depreciation. Manual cars are cheaper firstly because they just are not as popular as automatic cars. Therefore it makes more sense to charge higher for the automatic cars. In addition, repairs on the transmission are cheaper for manual cars compared to automatic transmission cars due to its simplicity.

Manual Cars Are More Engaging

Manual transmission cars are the epitome of engagement. Ask any car fanatic and they’ll swear by manual transmission vehicles. Manual cars are just much engaging and fun to drive. You control the speed, the revolutions the engine makes and even the amount of torque the gearbox provides by shifting the gears. In contrast, all you get to do is vary the amount pressure you put on the accelerator in an automatic transmission car.


Learning Manual is much cheaper

Learning how to drive in Singapore is already expensive enough. If you are learning from a private driving instructor, did you know that automatic transmission lessons can cost up to $6 more per hour? This might not seem alot but multiple this by 15 lessons and you would have already saved close to $100 dollars. Manual instructors are also more available than automatic instructors from our knowledge as well as more females tend to prefer learn automatic transmission cars. Take a lot at the latest rates today And this will probably bring me to my next point.

Its a Pride Thing

As mentioned earlier, if you are a guy and took automatic transmission lessons, you’ve probably been made fun of in army or within your circle of friends. Manual transmission cars are harder to learn and for guys who take automatic transmission cars, they are often seen as “pussy” or “weak” for not being able to cope with manual transmission cars. Don’t believe me? ask any of your male colleagues or friends and you’ll understand why. If you are a female and want to take manual transmission cars, good on you! You’ll probably have the respect of other guys and they’ll probably trust you more when you are under the wheel. Its a stereotypical action but it can’t be avoided =/

You can Grasp the Concept of Driving any Vehicle Anywhere

If you are intending to learn motorcycles or even drive industrial vehicles in the future, it is almost certain that you will be able to grasp the concept of driving these vehicles faster then if you took automatic transmission lessons. All of the above said vehicles are usually manual transmission and since you have already learnt the concept of a clutch and biting point, you’ll probably learn the necessary skills much faster. In addition, if you go overseas, some vehicles or countries only offer manual transmission cars which you will be able to operate. So don’t look at the small picture of the small population of manual cars in Singapore. You’ll probably find the need to learn manual cars in the future too!