Final Theory Test(FTT) Test questions

final theory test

The Final Theory Test(FTT) is the last test that you have to take before you take your Traffic Police (TP) test. Contrary to many people’s belief, you do not need to take your Final theory test before you can learn to drive with a private driving instructor.

The order or tests are as follows for reference.

flow of class 3 license

Do take note that you can also take both your final theory test after your basic theory test then take your PDI but most people will prefer to take the above method so that they can quickly get started with practical lessons. You can apply for your theory test at the various driving schools such as bukit batok driving centre, Singapore Safety Driving Centre or Comfort Driving centre

The Final Theory Test (FTT) is very similar to the basic theory test and it involves 50 multiple choice questions. You will need to get at least a score of 46/50 which is also 90% in order to pass the test. In order to make learning easy for you. We have a final theory test question bank on the iOS application store which can help you. The application contains different categories which you can select and contains over 500 test questions which are still in use in the tests today!

If you would like to check out the application do click here. It is going for only $2.99 and contains unlimited updates. Alternatively if you would like to sign up and get a private driving instructor head over to our sign up page.

Basic Theory Test(BTT) Test Questions

basic theory test

In order to drive your own vehicle in Singapore, you will need to go through 3 different test to be eligible for the Traffic police Test. The Basic Theory Test(BTT), Final Theory Test(FTT) and lastly the Traffic Police Test(TP Test). You will also need to pass BTT in order to apply for your Provisional Driving License(PDL) and begin learning practical driving lessons.

flow of class 3 license

You can take this test at all driving centres. This test is requried for all classes of driving license which includes class 2, class 3, class 4 and class 5. The test is a computerized test which you can take at all driving centers. There are 50 questions in total which will consist on basic traffic rules and also traffic signs and miscellaneous rules. You will need to score at least 90% which means getting 45 correct. It can be very easy to fail and some questions are also misleading so do take note when preparing for the test.

There are two different ways you can study for such a test. There is a theory book which you can purchase at most major bookstores such as MPH or popular. The book usually cost about 5-7 dollars for a hard copy but do take note that there are several versions so try to get the most updated version. Studying the textbook might not be a good way to study because you won’t be able to spot questions and the scope of what you need to learn is quite large.


At we created an iOS application. The application consists of a test bank of all the possible questions in BTT. There are over 500 questions which means you can keep trying until you feel confident on taking the test. The questions are all updated questions which will be used in the test as well. Most students prefer to use this because it is more reliable and you get to know majority of the test questions before you are even tested. You can even choose the categories that you feel you are weak in. Download it from here. Many students commented that they used the application on the same day of the test and managed to pass the BTT.