Selecting whether to drive a manual or automatic transmission car

There are two types of transmissions that are available when buying a car; the first being an automatic transmission.  An automatic transmission vehicle is where the car does all the work for the driver. The only thing the driver has to do is push the gas and the brake pedals; everything in between is doing automatically by the car.  While the second option being a manual transmission.  A manual transmission is where not only does the driver have to control the gas and brake pedals but the clutch that controls the gears as well (could be a 5 or 6 gear car depending).  However, both options have benefits and downfalls to them. This article will help to become more informed and chose the best option for you.

The benefits of choosing an automatic transmission over a manual transmission include it being less work for the driver, there is no clutch or shifter to maneuver while driving.  Automatic cars seem to have a wider appeal, depending on what country you live in, but especially in America. With carpooling being such a popular option, there has to be a standard appeal so that everyone driving will actually be able to drive.  And lastly, when going to sell or trade in your vehicle there is more value in automatic transmissions than manual because more people can drive them.

The downfalls of an automatic transmission start with it costing initially, more to purchase. Because of the appeal an automatic car has car dealerships can charge more for it, and often they do.  There are some times the driver will be able to feel the car shifting into different gears because of the speed variations. With automatic cars the gear the driver is in is completely up to the car.  Finally, it has been widely known that automatic cars don’t get very good gas mileage compared to manual transmissions. Though this could change in the near future with widely popular hybrid cars that are automatic.

The benefits of driving a manual transmission car are the driver has more control over the car. The driver tells the car what to do, not the other way around.  Manual transmissions get excellent gas mileage compared to automatic transmission cars. Manuel transmission vehicles have the ability to go much faster.  So, if you are into drag racing, speed racing, or just bobbing and weaving through traffic you definitely need to go with a manual transmission car.

The cons of a manual transmission car include it being a lot for the driver to do all at once. The driver has to steer, control the gas and brakes pedals, as well as controlling the clutch. This can be a lot of anyone person. Manual transmissions are not good for hilly terrain or stop and go traffic i.e. rush hour.  In addition, manual transmissions are not the easiest thing to learn how to control. There is a lot of room for error and mistake, and error and mistake will cost a lot of money to fix with manual transmissions.

There are always pros and cons to both sides of any debate. At the end of the day you have to choose what is best fit for you and your lifestyle. Good luck and safe driving! Don’t forget to buckle up!

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